Introducing Health, Happiness & Human Kind!

I’m so excited to share that The Real Food Reel is now Health, Happiness & Human Kind!

I first launched my podcast in December 2014, with the intention of spreading the message of real food. Since then we’ve had 282 episodes, so many incredible guests and over 1 million downloads on iTunes, with so much more to come.

With this next iteration, so much will stay the same yet so much will change. Each week, I’ll be joined by experts from all over the world in the areas of nutrition, microbiome health, psychology, environmental sustainability, meditation and more. Together we’ll teach you the answers to becoming healthy, happy and a more conscious human, and why your contribution to the planet truly matters.

I hope you’ll continue to tune in via iTunes, your Podcasts app or Spotify and please join the conversation each week over on Instagram:

Now, I’d love to know:

• Who would you like to hear more from?
• Who should I interview next?

Thanks so much for your continued support.

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  1. alice

    Hi Steph!
    You may not remember me directly as I`ve been to Melbourne clinic only twice.. I have been working with TNN and Elly since 2018 and I`m a consistent listener to your podcast. It has changed my life in so many different ways! A big amount of admiration and gratitude for you and Elly.
    You two inspire me a lot to spread education and mindset around wellness, longevity and conscious life. I`ve been to Australia just enough to see how stronger this awareness is there as compare to (1) where I live (Singapore) and (2) where I`m from (Brazil).

    Many times I think about approaching you just to see if we could “re-play” a lot of your content in Portuguese so I can help people from my home country. I`m not from the health industry at all (huge enthusiast since started as TNN customer tho 😉 – but I do marketing for technology industry and feel super motivated to start a side project bringing this goldmine information to Brazilian audience.

    In a separate track – just coming here to suggest a format and/or topic for HHHK where you explore more environmental sustainability and impacts on the society – maybe bringing on a few entrepreneurs that are creating beautiful business models using concepts of circle economy, recycling, innovation for carbon footprint reduction and specially an economical/social impact for minorities. You could bring inspiring stories and also help your audience to be aware of brands that are more conscious. I use podcast for this perceptive a lot, but the ones I know are more from Europe / American market.

    If we talk Asia, South East Asia, ANZ…. there is so much to explore on this topic and feels like you have a great audience for it. I could easily nominate a few brands & stories that worth to be shared to start with. Perhaps showing some love for Indonesia? Elly will like it 🙂

    Any way, I just wanted to thank you and share my ideas. Hope this can inspire you as well.

    Best wishes from probably your only Brazilian customer based in Singapore 🙂


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