LCHF 7-Day Meal Plan

Our next ebook, Lower Carbohydrate, Higher Fat (LCHF) 7-Day Meal Plan is now available online.

Here are the details:

Are you new to LCHF? Looking for a simple meal plan to dip your toe in? Or a seasoned JERFer wanting recipe inspiration and some structure to your week?

In our Lower Carbohydrate, Higher Fat (LCHF) 7-Day Meal Plan we provide you with:

* LCHF – the facts: to break down the myths and misconceptions and set the record straight;

* LCHF – the food: key principles to ensure you LCHF the healthy way;

* A 7-day meal plan packed with real food minus the starch;

* A collection of nutrient dense and delicious LCHF recipes.

PRICE: $9.95

Grab your copy here.

To find out more, check out our latest podcast on The Real Food Reel, LCHF Myths and Misconceptions with Steph Lowe and Katee Pedicini (also available direct from iTunes or via your ‘Podcasts’ app on your smart phone).

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