The Detox Diaries – Weeks 3 & 4

On Monday July 14th I commenced a six week specialised gut detox. In summary, I started the detox to address my unexplained tiredness and the deeper causes of my emotional and physical state. You can recap how I went in week 1 here and week 2 here, but how have things improved now that I’m four weeks in to this six week protocol? Read on…

How I’m feeling

It’s funny how detoxification works. Just when you think you’re feeling amazing, you enter a much a deeper level of detoxification and you’re back on the roller coaster again. I expected to feel exponentially amazing, but week 3 wasn’t without its challenges. I mainly experienced digestive upset, which I’ll spare you the details of, but I will make it clear that you too may experience a similar ride. Take it as a good sign – you body is removing unwanted toxins and becoming more efficient, healthier and happier by the minute.

In terms of my fatigue, now that’s one things that has lifted exponentially! I’m much more refreshed when my 5.15am alarms rings, and I’m tackling big days with clients with much more clarity and efficiency. My fatigue around training has significantly improved too. For a while there I’d get back from a run and all I wanted to do was nap. Now, I run 15km and carry on with my day as normal again.

How I’m sleeping

I’ve never really had a problem with sleep, but I do find I’m falling asleep better and sleeping much deeper than I was earlier this year. Sleep is vital for everything from recovery to hormonal control and fat loss, so even small changes here provide big results for our health and training goals.

What I’m eating
I’ve really hit my groove here and find I’m not missing much, other than my coconut latte and Goat’s feta in my avocado mash. My staple foods of the last fortnight have been smoothies, pumpkin soup and Breakfast Muffins, and I’ve been spoiled with cauliflower fried rice, and the most divine slow cooked beef cheeks with sweet potato mash. I’ve also been getting more creative in the kitchen again – I’ve created a Coconut Lamb Curry with Cauliflower Rice (which I’ll be sharing on the blog soon), and I whipped out an old favourite of mine for breakfast again – Coconut Crepes, served with coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit, nut butter and cinnamon. The crepe recipe you can find in Free From Gluten (FFG), available here.

How I’m training

Now here’s where it gets really exciting. I am running injury free! There a number of variables that have contributed to this, but I know that the way I’ve been nourishing my body and recovering from each session has played a vital role. It’s a shame that I’ve run out of time for the volume I would have liked before Sunshine Coast 70.3, but I’m grateful to be tracking towards race day with the confidence that I will get through the 21km off the bike.

With two weeks of detoxification to go I’m really on the home straight now. Check back in next fortnight for the final installment of the detox diaries, to find out about the full effects of my six weeks protocol, plus a special offer I have in store for you!

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