Are You Tired All the Time?

Are you low on energy or simply tired all the time? Did you know that your mitochondria, your energy powerhouses, depend on the state of your gut health? Many of the health challenges I see in the clinic here at The Natural Nutritionist come back to poor gut health and poor mitochondrial function. The good news? It’s fixable, and it’s all in your hands.

It’s time to address your energy concerns once and for all, and Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness and I have created this event just for you. In ‘Getting to the Guts of Energy for Health and Performance’ you will learn:

  • What is the gut microbiome;
  • The significance of the gut for mitochondrial function and energy production;
  • How to optimise your digestive health;
  • How developing metabolic efficiency is essential for your gut;
  • How to fuel for optimal health and performance;
  • A collection of gut friendly ketogenic recipes to support your health journey.

This interactive, 4-hour event is just $89 and you will also receive: your choice of Kultured Wellness culture (coconut yoghurt or coconut kefir); hard copies of Fermented Nutrition and The Real Food Athlete; a downloadable eBook, LCHF Sports Nutrition and tastings from Broth of Life, Melrose Health, Naked Life Sparkling, Kultured Wellness and The Natural Nutritionist.

Join us for a great afternoon of education, interaction and community vibes and learn how to it is possible to create natural and sustained energy and optimal gut health.

Grab your tickets here.

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  1. Pam Keir

    Hi Thanks for all the useful information you pass on. I often refer to your book.
    I would really like to know more about all the items you mentioned in your program for your Melbourne Seminar, as I am plagued with tiredness, even though I think I eat
    clean most of the time and exercise most days of the week.
    Any chance I could purchase your notes on metabolic efficiency for the gut and all the other points you mention? I live in Townsville North Qld.

  2. Nolwenn Desmons

    I am interested by the workshop on 22nd April, just I have my kids on this week end. Is there another date in the near future?


  3. Kim

    I’d be really interested to attend this event if held in Sydney

  4. Min Benstead

    Hello Kim, there are no current plans for an event in Sydney but be sure to follow us on social media for any future events.

  5. Min Benstead

    Hello Nolwenn, there are no current plans for future events but thank you for your interest, we will definitely keep you posted!

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