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Our free online workshop, ‘LCHF For Endurance‘ starts today!

Learn how to master fat adaptation for day-to-day, performance and longevity benefits. Now is the perfect time to get serious about becoming fat adapted so that by the time we can return to racing again, you’re metabolically efficient, leaner, faster, fitter and raring to go!

Here’s a sneak peek at our workshop schedule:
✔ May 18th: How Do I Know if I’m Fat Adapted?
✔ May 19th: Live Q&A
✔ May 20th: From Hitting the Wall to Ironman PB
✔ May 21st: Free Recipe Downloads
✔ May 22nd: LCHF Fuelling for Endurance Success

With so much more to come!

The principles that you will learn have literally helped us to transform hundreds of lives via our one-on-one consultations and programs here at The Natural Nutritionist, and I’m so excited to turn this into a workshop where you can take part![cta_button url=””]JOIN OUR ‘LCHF FOR ENDURANCE’ WORKSHOP HERE[/cta_button]Please hit reply if you have any questions and you’re welcome to share this workshop with a friend or two, your Coach or your training buddies. I can’t wait to have you on board!


  1. Graham Seabrook

    Hi Steph,
    The workshop interests me quite a bit. Before I sign up can you tell me if you cover off on plant based LCHF during the workshop. I do triathlon, self coached, and principally train using MAF principles. I followed LCHF for the most part nutritionally, but not plant based previously and keen to try that approach.

  2. Tim H


    Thank you for offering the LCHF Endurance workshop.. I am looking forward to it. Question: Do I need to have a Facebook account to join workshop?

  3. Steph Lowe

    Ideally, yes. We can share the videos with you through vimeo but you’ll miss the interaction and other complimentary resources that will be posted in the group.

  4. Steph Lowe

    This particular workshop is not centred around plant based athletes but we will have more on this coming soon!

  5. Graham Seabrook

    Thanks Steph much appreciated. Regards. Graham.

  6. Toni Chalmers

    Hi Steph,
    How long will each session go for? And how long will they be available on Facebook for?


  7. Steph Lowe

    Hi Tony, the webinar goes for 10 days and varies day to day. It will be available on Facebook for approximately 2 weeks.

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