LCHF Endurance – 50% Off until November 30th!

Steak with Beetroot & Orange Salad

LCHF Endurance – 50% Off until November 30th!

LCHF Endurance

Are you ready to get fat adapted with real food?

I’m excited to share with you that November is your last chance to join LCHF Endurance for 50% off! For just a one-off payment of $175, you get to work with me and receive:

  • 12 weeks of LCHF meal plans, all designed with the specific macronutrient breakdown required to become fat adapted;
  • Weekly shopping lists, designed to save you time and money;
  • Weekly education, videos and resources to teach how to develop metabolic flexibility and keep you on track for your program and beyond;
  • Access to our private Facebook community;
  • An optional 12-week endurance training (run or triathlon) program, to teach you to train smarter, not harder;
  • Sports nutrition and fuelling guides to teach you how to quit gels and carbohydrate loading forever.

Simply use the code LCHFE50 to sample the program and check out the kind of meals you’ll get to eat, and cancel within seven days if it’s not your (sugar free) jam.

Take the pressure of deciding what to eat away, and join the world’s largest group of fat adapted athletes. I can’t wait to work with you!

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