IQS Chocolate Cookbook – eBook Review

Welcome to my first eBook review. By now, most of you should know of Sarah Wilson. In 2011, she dramatically changed her life by quitting sugar and since then has inspired thousands (or is millions?) more to do the same. You can read her story and purchase the original (and now world famous!) I Quit Sugar 8-week program here.

More recently, Sarah and the IQS team have developed the divine IQS Chocolate Cookbook. Containing over 70 fructose-free cakes, fudges, truffles, brownies, smoothies, cheesecakes, mousses, ice creams and barks, I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. There are vegan and paleo options, and even breakfast ideas. Chocolate for breakfast?! Yes please!

The highlights:

  • My favourite part about the IQS Chocolate Cookbook? Definitely the “7 Classics With a Twist” section. Here you will find beauties such as “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Milo”, Sugar-Free Lamingtons and even a Choc Mint Slice (nice work Lady Homemade!). They are not all Sarah’s recipes, so you will also discover the fantastic sugar free foodies who contributed to the cookbook.
  • The ease of use. This eBook has been brilliantly designed. You can purchase the required ingredients, search for recipes by key ingredients, and even convert from metric to imperial with the simple click of a button!
  • The variety. There are so many options, you’ll have trouble deciding where to start. From ice cream to Pumpkin Spice Donuts with Chocolate Glaze, I’ll bet you’re salivating right now.

Enough talking. See for yourself and get your hands on a copy today! Grab your copy here.

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