Let Us Support You

To assist you in these unprecedented times and provide you with the right support when it is needed most, we are offering Immune Boosting Consultations (30 minutes) for all new clients during COVID-19. We know that many of you might not need a deep dive into your nutrition, rather you might want to take a tailored approach to support your immune system at this time. If so, this is perfect for you.

Here how it works:

  • Once you secure your booking, you will be asked to complete a detailed health history online, to ensure your practitioner has all of the background information they need, prior to meeting with you virtually (phone, FaceTime or zoom);
  • Your practitioner will contact you at your appointment time and discuss your diet and lifestyle, and determine if you have any specific risks for low immunity;
  • From here, dietary and/or supplement suggestions will be made which will create your individualised immune boosting protocol, which will be further developed post-appointment and emailed to you within 48 hours;
  • Regarding supplements, these are shipped safely and securely via an external provider and we are thrilled to be able to offer you a discounted rate on high quality products such as vitamin C, bone broth and medicinal mushrooms.

Sound like just what you need?

Please feel free to book online here: (via ‘Consultations: Virtual’) or call the clinic on 0407736463 for pricing information and assistance. 

We look forward to supporting you!

Team TNN.

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