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The Keto Diet – Book Review + a giveaway for you!

The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet – Book Review + a giveaway for you!

The Keto Diet

Leanne Vogel is a holistic nutritionist, host of one of the top 10 health & fitness podcasts and largest keto resource on YouTube, creator of and author of The Keto Diet.

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which you’re predominately burning stored fat for fuel and converting fat into ketones to be used by the cells. Please see our earlier article on nutritional ketosis here.

During her own journey with Keto, Leanne found that the standard ketogenic approach did not work for her and set about adapting the principles to create a keto diet that felt right for her, her body and her health.The Keto Diet is a fabulous resource which you will refer to time and time again. It helps you find an approach that works for you and how to maintain a state of fat burning without guilt or restriction.

The Highlights

  • Over 215 pages of information on the keto diet, how to eat keto and strategies for keto meal preparation.
  • Five different 28-day keto meal plans adjusted to suit you.
  • More than 125 wholefood ketogenic recipes, many of which are dairy and gluten free; fodmap and vegan friendly. Some of our favourites so far are:
    • Bacon-Wrapped Mini Meatloaves
    • Chilli-Stuffed Avocados
    • Roasted Cajun Broccoli
    • Keto Milkshake

You can catch up on our recent chat with Leanne on The Real Food Reel where we talk all things keto. Grab your copy of The Keto Diet here.

To celebrate the launch of The Keto Diet, we have a copy to give away. To be in the running, post below in 25 words or less why you want your own copy! Competition closes midday Wednesday May 3rd with the winner announced on our Facebook page that afternoon. 

*Congratulations to Sue on being the lucky recipient of The Keto Diet, we hope you enjoy it*

55 thoughts on “The Keto Diet – Book Review + a giveaway for you!

  1. I have recently discovered Leanne’s work and LOVE her stuff. It would make me so happy to get my hands on her book and learn more about the Keto Diet.

  2. I would love to win The Keto Diet because I love Leanne, her recipes and podcast. She makes the keto lifestyle so easy to follow!

  3. As someone who is gluten and dairy intolerant , I find a lot of ‘cook books’ have recipes all full of sugar! I’m trying to lose a little weight and regain some energy and would love a copy of this book ! Thanks

  4. Just discovering The Keto Diet and feel a little lost. The book will be the perfect companion through my journey to explore Keto and get on top of this new lifestyle.

  5. I have PCOS and trying to have a baby. I have been advised this would be one of the best ways to try and regulate my body reduce my weight and regulate/reduce my insulin resistance.

  6. I already have “The Real Food Athlete” and love it. I recently switched to solely Keto diet so need need need this book. PLEASE!!

  7. I would love to win so that I could learn the Keto lifestyle so I can help my husband loose the 50kg he needs to.

  8. I’m a teenage athlete wanting to take my fitness to the next level and think this book will be the missing piece to the puzzle!

    1. It’s fantastic that you are looking to nutrition as a way to taking your fitness to the next level. Why not book in for a complimentary skype session with us regarding how a personalised nutrition plan can help?

  9. As a gift for my daughter who is always looking for ideas to enhance her nutritional wellbeing! This book fits the bill.

  10. I was introduced to Keto over 10 years ago and after 3 kids have lost my way with it. This is a chance to reset!

  11. I’m so overwhelmed with all the info available re Keto online and am desperate for a quality resource to get started. My stepson had CF and requires a high fat diet, which hadn’t done me any favours. I think this will be a great resource for my family.

  12. I work in mental health and am about to start studying nutrition so that I can assist my clients in being able to eat and cook healthy meals while healing their gut and giving their body good whole foods. I am just starting to increase my knowledge on different protocols available and hope to be able to combine different protocols to further help my clients on their road to mental health recovery and wellbeing. This book sounds amazing and I would love the chance to win it and add to my resources.

  13. I have recently been diagnosed with SIBO and it has been recommended I follow a diet similar to the Keto diet. This book is ideal to guide my recovery!!!

  14. I am looking for my healthy self….for years now and have tried everything…I want to be an active
    Grandmother…..I have alot of years to go before it happens but I’m planning for our happy healthy future
    I have read extensively about the keto diet and it’s benefits and feel it’s the path we should go to
    achieve this goal…to win this book would be fate and such a positive start to all our family …fingers crossed xxx

  15. I have found this way of eating to be life saving. Some new recipes would be a wonderful addition to my cooking repertoire.

  16. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding fat because I thought that’s what had made me fat. Now I know that was a big fat lie!

  17. I’m just discovering this amazing new woe and would love the book to help me on my journey. Have only recently discovered Leanne and loving her advice!

  18. because with unlimited energy, delicious food and the promise of a long and happy life, this is the kind of bible that should be in everyone’s top shelf. But first mine.

  19. The best way to achieve results, learn and empower yourself with knowledge is by accessing information from experts. This book would help my LCHF journey

  20. Would love to have this resource at home for recipes and inspiration to keep the variety in my diet. Meal plans would be a bonus too to keep me organise and prepped up for the week!!! This book sounds awesome 👏🏽

  21. May 4th is hubby’s bday. “May the 4th be with you” so I can win this book the day before to kick start hubby’s health and wellbeing journey.

  22. Our family is very keen to try keto! Our very active 11 year old daughter is a type one diabetic…..bring on stable blood sugars!!

    1. We’ve had a lot of success with type 1 diabetes patients following a LCHF approach. We offer complimentary 15 minute skype consults here if you’d like to book in for one?here

  23. I have been looking into this WOE for a little while now and would love this book to give me the guidance to start and succeed.

  24. I love Leanne’s approach of what works best for individuals rather than one size fits all. It’d be the perfect start to my keto plan!

  25. I discovered this way of eating to prevent lifestyle disease , measuring blood sugar levels along the way proves this works for long term health.

  26. Thinking of starting a keto diet and my name is Leeanne so from one Leanne to another this book might be alright!

  27. Coming from disordered eating myself, Leanne’s focus on health and self love is refreshing. I’d love to share her recipes with my family.

  28. My partner was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He has been eating strict keto along with treatment. His first scan after surgery and treatment has shown no sign of the disease at this stage and he will continue to eat ketogenic.

  29. I would be so thrilled to win a copy because knowledge is power and this book would make my brain happy.

  30. After listening to Leanne with Steph, it has reignighted my love for LCHF and she is so positive, her recipe book would be amazing – i keep switching from book to book and then get lost…AGAIN!

  31. Getting a copy of the book will make my newfound keto lifestyle easier to manage – having a REAL book to reference instead of searching for recipes and tips online!

  32. Ketones are king! Simple in 25 words or less- need this book so I can lose 25kgs, have started my journey so this book is a must!!

  33. I recently had my 6th child. I’d love The Keyto Diet to help heal my body and restore my energy. It would be life changing!

  34. Essential I use food as medicine to heal decades of emotional/physical scars, eternally-positive & CONVINCED Keto will negate continued use of anti-anxiety meds! x

  35. I love Leanne’s wholesome approach to Keto! I’m focusing on gut health and upping healthy fats to heal – this cookbook will deliver lots of inspiration.

  36. Since having two major operations in 2015, I have felt unwell. Looking for a way to get myself back to a healthy state!

  37. I love the idea of using good fats to thrive; heal; empower. I love Leanne’s blog and know her book will deliver keto magic!

  38. I would love to win a copy of Leanne’s book as I suffer from migraines and have recently heard there is evidence that a keto diet can help. I already have a very clean diet & would appreciate the information offered in the book to do some fine-tuning!

  39. I want my body to reflect how and what I feel inside <3 I want to nurture my body and nourish it through the keto diet and need your help to start me on track! I want to look in the mirror and it to reflect a person who hasn't given up and has persisted no matter how many times life knocks her down!

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