Why Motivation Is Not Enough

We live in a world where information is just the push of a button away.  Want to lose weight? Dr Google will tell you how. Need a training plan? Print one off the world wide web.  With such a range of resources at our fingertips you’d assume it was enough to help you lose weight, get race ready and reach for the stars, but what I’m hearing time and again is that it’s not.

Consider this scenario. You’ll resonate quickly if you’ve ever needed to lose weight. 

You’re out shopping to buy new jeans. You select the size that you’ve always worn, but for some reason they feel tight. You rip them off, walk out of the change room, convinced that the brand’s sizing is on the small side.

You head home, look in the mirror and realise, “OMG, it’s me. I have gained weight”.

You get on the scales and it confirms, yes, it is you. You’ve gained weight and that brand, their sizing is standard.

So then it starts. You create a plan (it might not be the most scientifically sound one, but it’s a plan). You clean out the fridge. You go shopping and the meal prep begins. At this point your motivation is sky high. Unfortunately, however, this can all be fleeting and unless you’re very clear on the ‘why’ associated with your weight loss goal, your initial motivation levels won’t be enough to see you beyond the first two weeks of your regime. Am I right?

This is where accountability, and working with a nutritionist to help you achieve that, becomes such a huge part of success. Here are my top 3 reasons why:


By working with someone from the outset (someone who can listen well and ask the right questions) you will gain self-awareness and it’s in this process you’ll get super clear on your ‘why’.  When your ‘why’ is clear it doesn’t matter if motivation levels on a day-to-day basis peak and trough, because you’ll have that purpose to revert back to.

Direction and focus

As I said, we live in a world not short of information, which means we can easily be overwhelmed and stunted by choice. By working with a nutritionist you can cut through the irrelevant and focus purely on what matters to help you create an action plan that’ll work.


The right nutritionist and accountability coach will support you with the confidence you need to set goals beyond your wildest dreams and to keep you on track when the seeds of doubt start to kick in. There will be times when what you set out to achieve seems unattainable or not worth the effort and it’s at these times you need someone to remind you of your ‘why’. To help you regain that motivation.

As Barack Obama said, “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress”. I believe what he forgot to add is that if you can’t find the path and the willingness dies, find the right accountability coach and you WILL make progress!

If your goal is to lose body fat, optimise your health or achieve a performance goal then we’d love to work with you on your journey. Book in for your complimentary 15 minute consultation and let’s get started!

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