Fat Adaptation & Beyond Workshop

Fat Adaptation & Beyond

Fat Adaptation & Beyond Workshop

Fat Adaptation & Beyond

Did you hear the news? We’ve just announced our next free online workshop, ‘Fat Adaptation & Beyond‘!

I cannot wait to share this workshop with you! I’m confident that you’re going to walk away with a better understanding of what fat adaptation is and how it can benefit not only your performance but your overall health and longevity.

Fat adaptation is not just for endurance athletes – this free 10 day workshop will teach you why, plus why it’s more than just eating low carb.

Here’s a sneak peek at our workshop schedule…

✔️ Feb 11th: Beyond Fat Adaptation
✔️ Feb 12th: When Should I Start My LCHF Journey?
✔️ Feb 13th: The Missing Piece to Fat Adaptation
✔️ Feb 14th: Live Q&A

With so much more to come!

The principles that you will learn have literally helped us to transform hundreds of lives via our one-on-one consultations and programs here at The Natural Nutritionist, and I’m so excited to turn this into a workshop where you can take part!

We kick off on February 11th with my webinar ‘Beyond Fat Adaptation’, so click below to sign up and mark this in your diary now.

Please hit reply if you have any questions and you’re welcome to share this workshop with a friend or two, your Coach or your training buddies. I can’t wait to have you on board!

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  1. Hello I’ve entered my email address for the workshop. Do I just wait for an email regarding this? Or do I need to download something?

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