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Functional Fermented Nutrition with Kultured Wellness

Functional Fermented Nutrition with Kultured Wellness

Kirsty Wirth has done it again.

By now many of you have been experimenting with Kultured Wellness and may be asking “what else can I do with my cultures, apart from plain kefir and yoghurt?”

Introducing Functional Fermented Nutrition by Kultured Wellness. This eBook is full of gut-healing recipes, most of which incorporate Kultured Wellness culture starters. There are smoothies, dips, ice blocks and even cheesecake. Yes, you read that right – a gut healing cheesecake that’s bursting full of nutrient dense probiotics, fibre and beneficial fats. It also tastes downright delectable.

There is also a section that answers many frequently asked questions about general gut health, troubleshooting fermenting issues and how to begin eating fermented foods.

It’s been a labour of love for Kirsty and one you will learn so much from.

Grab your copy today.

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