LCHF & Type 2 Diabetes

We have discussed Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) here and how T1D and T2D are very different diseases – T1D is a disease of too little insulin and T2D is a disease of too much insulin.

So in T2D, where there is already too much insulin, how can the prescription of (more) insulin possibly be the solution?

By prescribing insulin we are not treating the underlying cause of the disease and are in fact, making it worse.

As science shows, the terrible irony in the conventional model is: insulin causes insulin resistance. Like any drug, a tolerance is developed and more insulin must be prescribed. As insulin is also a fat storage hormone, it causes weight gain (amongst many other side effects), and the more weight that is gained by a type 2 diabetic, the more insulin that is required. A terribly vicious cycle.

So how do we treat T2D?

The answer is actually so simple, it’s almost unfathomable to consider how wrong science has been. T2D can be managed, and even reversed by lowering insulin, via a real food, lower carbohydrate, higher fat (LCHF) diet. Yes, it is possible to no longer need pharmaceutical intervention and to cure yourself of this chronic condition. Unfortunately there’s no money in curing disease, so big Pharma continue to spend big bucks on brainwashing Doctors into prescribing more and more pharmaceuticals, and unknowingly perpetuating disease.

Mind blowing isn’t it? To say the very least.

Here at TNN we strongly believe in food first and can guide you to your personalised LCHF template. If any of your loved ones suffer from the debilitating condition of T2D, please make sure they are made aware of the failings of science and learn how simple it is to take their health back into their own hands with real food. You can book your complimentary phone or Skype consultation here to learn more.


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