My Thoughts On the Corona Virus

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and realise that if you support both your immune system and your nervous system, it’s unlikely you’ll get sick. I’m not scared about the corona virus, I’m healthy, robust and support my health with every decision I make.

Inside of stocking up on toilet paper, here’s what else you can do:

  1. Eat a whole food, plant predominant diet with vitamin C from berries, citrus fruits and dark leafy greens.
  2. Add raw garlic, such as in a salad dressing – it’s one of the best antimicrobials there is!
  3. Support your gut (where 80+% of your immune system lies) with probiotic rich foods such as fermented vegetables or coconut yoghurt that contains live cultures. My favourite is Kultured Wellness. I also personally add collagen powder every day to an MCT Coffee or smoothie.
  4. Take extra vitamin C, especially if you are exposed to unwell people or have to travel. I love Melrose Health Essential C + Immune – read more about the ingredients here (or their Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids if you are pregnant).
  5. Breathe. A stressed nervous system will suppress your immune system and increase your susceptibility. Take three of your deepest belly breaths right now and notice how different you feel. Learn more about the impact of stress here.
  6. Nourish your nervous system with herbs such as ashwagandha or medical mushrooms such as reishi. I adore Superfeast.
  7. Turn off the news and unfollow any fear-based accounts you currently follow on social media. It’s not ignorance, it’s choosing what you are exposed to every moment of your day.

What will you do to protect yourself today?


  1. Kerrin

    Love this. Thank you. 💗😊

  2. Lisa

    Totally agree Steph, turn off the fear based media and look after yourself first and foremost. Spend your cash on nutritious food not bog roll :))

  3. Nick

    Point 7. 💖
    I’d also add- Donate your excess toilet paper to local elderly or those less abled who might be in need. But otherwise strong as always Steph.

  4. Cally Jennings

    Hey Steph,

    Thanks for the tips, as always very useful. I am wondering if you can tell me the difference between using Collagen Powder and Protein Powder in smoothies? I am currently using protein but wondering if I should be using collagen or even both? Thanks!

  5. Steph Lowe

    There are a number of differences in the amino acid profile. You can definitely use both but my preference is to stick to a complete protein powder for a smoothie if it is a main meal.

  6. Ita Lopez


    I love your thoughts about COVIT-19. And I totally agree with you. The world has gone crazy about what this means. Instead of educating themselves on how to prevent the virus, they focus on toilet paper.. what the!!!!

  7. Lisa G

    Hi Steph awesome reminders. its been harder to avoid the media hype when the children’s activities and sports are shut down, my uni campuses close today and my children’s school may be facing closure as well. your post is a good reminder to stay tight on our goals, our health and well being and not to fall apart when faced with a serious global issue; rather, respond to it with strength and faith in our amazing bodies. will get onto the broth, slow cooker and protein balls. thanks steph! Lisa

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