New Recipe: MCT Choc Almond Fat Bombs

MCT Choc Almond Butter Fat Bombs

You may have heard of the term ‘fat bomb’ before and we decided it was about time we created our own and trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed! Our MCT Choc Almond Fat Bombs are super simple to make, perfect for a pre-workout snack and anytime you are needing an energy hit. […]

New Recipe: Cashew Chilli Coconut Chocolate

Cashew Chilli Coconut Chocolate

We developed this Cashew Chilli Coconut Chocolate with Easter in mind but it is simply too good to not share immediately! It is quick, easy and provides the perfect sweet hit when needed. We know you will enjoy. If you are wanting more inspiration when it comes to all things chocolate, why not join The […]

New Recipe: Dairy Free MCT Coffee

Dairy-Free MCT Coffee

With MCT coffee all the rage, if you follow a dairy free or vegan lifestyle, you probably feel that you’ve been missing out. Until now…. We’ve developed a MCT coffee which will provide you with all the delicious benefits of a regular MCT Coffee – fat burning, satiety, increased mental clarity and clean lasting energy […]

New Recipe: School Friendly Trail Mix

Lunchbox Trail Mix

With the return of school lunchboxes we’ve used Tigernuts to create a nut-free, school friendly trail mix, a perfect snack to optimise energy and minimise blood sugar crashes. Tigernuts are a gluten, dairy and nut free product high in resistant starch and good fats. You can read our review here.  If you are looking for […]

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