Portable Breakfast & Snack Ideas

Hopefully none of us are still eating traditional cereal for breakfast, thinking it’s the best way to start the day. The objective of breakfast, or “breaking the fast” should be similar to that of every meal – the most nutrient dense and natural choice possible. But not all of us have the luxury of a readily available hot plate, and some of us go straight from the pool to the office and need something simple and portable to start our day.

To assist, here a collection of my favourites, plus some great ideas from my Facebook team. How you start your day really does shape your entire day.

  • Smoothie in a jar. Make it the night before to drink after training or once you arrive at the office. Always add plenty of good fats, greens and protein to offer nutrient density, blood sugar control and satiety.
  • Chia Pudding. All you need to do is soak three tablespoons of chia seeds in 200ml of nut milk until a pudding has formed. Top with fruit, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, coconut yogurt and/or rice malt syrup for sweetness. Try this Coconut & Cacao Chia Pudding for something a little different. This is also one of my favourite afternoon teas, especially when I’m having a later dinner as it keeps me full for hours!
  • My Sugar Free Breakfast Cereal or granola, yoghurt and raspberries in a jar. Both double as a healthy sweet treat or dessert should you need.
  • Cold Quinoa Cereal or Overnight Quinoa – a great way to use up last night’s leftovers!
  • Leftovers! I often throw leftover roast sweet potato or pumpkin in a bowl, top with half a diced avocado, two fried eggs and a big dollop of my Sugar Free Tomato Sauce. Can you adapt this to something similar that you can eat at work if that’s what your day calls for?
  • Packed lunchOther great savoury ideas include Build Your Own Egg Cups, Green Vegie Slice, a simple frittata or boiled eggs and vegies. You obviously need to have prepared ahead, but that’s part of the art.
  • Keep it simple with fruit, vegies and a handful of raw nuts. There is really no reason to rely on the muffins or pastries at your local cafe.

What’s your favourite?

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